Yes, you can write your life story …

Guided Autobiography classes begin soon

Is this the year you write your life story? Need help?

Guided Autobiography (GAB) is the answer. Classes will help you preserve your stories for current and future generations. If you are in Western Wisconsin, you can still take this course via the internet. Students and instructors don’t have to be in the same room to work on your life story.

What is GAB?  It is a process created by James E. Birren, Ph.D., of the Birren Center for Autobiography & Life Review. Students write their life story two pages at a time, using a thematic approach in a supportive learning/working environment.

Sue previously taught Write Your Life courses through Western Technical College, where students gave her high reviews. Consider some of the responses to the question “What did you like most of about this training class?”

  • “The instructor.”
  • “The camaraderie – the opportunity to share and learn.”
  • “Great sharing.”
  • “The group + great people – Susan – the stories!! Wish it could continue on and on.”
  • “Interesting, positive attitude & listening skills. Freedom to organize — freedom to write about what period of life you want to, to make the overall story – Freedom to just get started.”

“I love this new course from the Birren Center,” said Hessel, who is a certified Guided Autobiography instructor. “This systematic approach is based on research done by Dr. Birren over decades. It is inspiring, empowering and just plain fun.”

It’s like that 1940s icon Kilroy Was Here that showed up just about everywhere. Plant your Kilroy – let the world know you were here. This Kilroy Was Here image is from the U.S. World War II Memorial.

Please let Sue know if you are interested in this class so she can notify you  about future classes, either in person and through online conferencing. What’s the best time for you to meet?