Honoring Memories

According to an old proverb, each of us dies twice – once when your heart stops beating and the second when your name is spoken for the last time or the last person is alive who knows anything about you.

Writing the story those who have passed away honors and keeps their memories alive. The end result is inspirational, thoughtful and healing for loved ones.

John & Nettie Mooney: Giving with a Warm Hand and Warm Heart is a book about this couple’s philosophy of giving. They always said you should give “with your warm hand, not your cold.” This book was an opportunity for family members and friends to share their photos and stories in one place for all to enjoy.

“I’m so happy you talked with my daughter about this because it never would have gotten done without you. Everyone is so thrilled with the book. It’s being passed around the apartment complex where we lived in Florida because everyone wants to read it.” — Nettie Mooney

A memorial booklet for surgeon Adolf L. Gundersen



Adolf L. Gundersen, M.D. … a man for all seasons was a memorial tribute to this talented surgeon, community leader, and dedicated family man. This booklet was a collections of stories and words of admiration for

“After this booklet came out, dozens of people told me how wonderful it was.”

Another grieving family puts its heart and soul in this tribute to the husband, father, and grandfather, supplying stories and photos to tell his story before and after three years as a POW in the Philippines during World War II.

“I asked each of my siblings and their children to relay a special memory they had of dad and a lesson he taught them. Little did I realize what a heart-tugging book would evolve…. Our book is priceless.”