Sue with a cutout at Gundersen Lutheran of Adolf Gundersen

Here I am with a cutout of Adolf Gundersen, founder of the Gundersen Clinic in La Crosse, Wisconsin, the subject of my first personal history project.

Lessons From Life was created out of the life experiences of Susan T. Hessel, a newspaper reporter-turned freelance writer who found she was increasingly writing corporate histories, personal memoirs, and family stories.

Clients appreciate Sue’s ability to get inside their histories and retell them with warmth, humor, and sensitivity.

“In every project, someone tells me, ‘Oh you don’t want to write about that. That was such a bad time.’ I always answer, ‘That is precisely what future generations need to know about–how you struggled and how you survived.’ That’s true for families and it’s true for businesses.”

Sue enjoys telling the stories–what she calls the true “Lessons From Life” because they make individuals, companies, and families proud. They bring insights and make connections between generations. Sometimes, anecdotes are entertaining and simply make people laugh.

“I learn something from every project because when I bring in the ‘back-story,'” Hessel said. “I provide  information for readers so they understand how stories fit into the history of the family, city, state, country or even the world.”

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