Publisher’s Clearinghouse: I’m entertaining offers

A photo from a few years back when they had no idea they needed to fight over me.

This is what I heard this morning, or think I heard: The latest Publisher’s Clearinghouse prize would give me win $5,000 a week for life. Plus, I could choose one other person to get $5,000 a week for life.

Think of the family stories and get togethers after I’ve picked one kid but not the other.  It would be like Solomon cutting the family in two.

No way would I do that. I love them both the most.

Then I thought, I’m getting older. I’m entertaining offers to be my “friend” for the other $5,000 a week for life.

I’m also remembering. In high school when she went out, I always told Maggie, “Be good.” She always replied, “I’m always good.”

Michael, seven years younger, picked up that mantra as well.

The truth has come out over the years that neither one was an angel every single day of his/her high school and college life, but let’s not go there. They are wonderful adults who really didn’t give us that much trouble as kids – or maybe we were as blind as other parents were.

In that I’m-taking-offers category, there is that pesky issue of who will take care of dear old mom in her oldest years.

Maggie suggests often that we move to Kansas City to be closer to her and her husband.I remember Michael saying that Maggie would do a great job at taking care of me in my old age.  Should I hold that against him? He was probably in high school when he said it.

Both kids can write so I also need to take into consideration which one is likely to write a “Mommy dearest” tell-all about about their sweet old mom.

Of course, my husband asked whether he would get the second $5,000. I felt we could get by on the single five grand a week to which he added, “if we are frugal.” :-)

I have reassured Dick that he could still buy a mandolin or two each month with just $5,000 a week.

So kids … give me your best offer. Then I’ll send in my Publisher’s Clearinghouse entry because I – along with one of you – may have already won.