My journey on the GAB Time Machine

I woke up this morning thinking about an image of being on a time machine during a course I just completed – to become a certified Guided Autobiography (GAB) instructor. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary. When you go back … Continue reading

Typing, keyboarding and an ambulance ride

If I’m not the only person who connects an ambulance ride with high school typing class than I’d like to meet the other person who does. Why typing class? This morning  I woke up in my own bed with this … Continue reading

The Great Gettysburg Reunion of 1913

I found fascinating this idea of a  novel about a reunion of soldiers – Yankee and Rebel – 50 years after the Battle of Gettysburg. And Gettysburg, 1913, A Novel of the Great Reunion, Part I, was available for just 99 … Continue reading

Refrigerator archeology

When my husband was writing about politics during the 2004 presidential election, he had the opportunity on separate occasions to question the two running mates of the presidential candidates. Politics aside, an older reporter from an Iowa newspaper asked  U.S. … Continue reading

Publisher’s Clearinghouse: I’m entertaining offers

This is what I heard this morning, or think I heard: The latest Publisher’s Clearinghouse prize would give me win $5,000 a week for life. Plus, I could choose one other person to get $5,000 a week for life. Think … Continue reading

Dear 12-Year-Old Sue

Dear Sue, First, let me say that everything will be fine. You will be happy … a wonderful family and a successful career, albeit in a small pond. But I don’t mean to sound a tad disappointed with you, but … Continue reading

Family Vacation Memories Are Not Always What You Expect

(The following was written originally for the blog of the Association of Personal Historians,   I’m sure every parent who ever packed the kids into the back of astation wagon envisioned a trip that would create memories that the … Continue reading